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Hardware Modules:

    TB001 (Train Brain Module) $79.95 ea.
    TB008 (Dash-8 Module) $99.95 ea.
    TB010 (Watchman Module) $59.95 ea.
    TB012-COM (Acela Network Bridge for COM port) $39.95 ea.
    TB012-USB (Acela Network Bridge for USB) $39.95 ea.
    TB013 (Switchman Module) $89.95 ea.
    TB014 (Sentry Module) $69.95 ea.
    TB015 (YardMaster Module) $79.95 ea.
    TB016 (USB-to-CTI Interface) $29.95 ea.
    TB017 (RFID Reader) $99.95 ea.
    SC001 (Smart Cab Module) $99.95 ea.
    SM001-IC (Signalman Module) $69.95 ea. (for use with incandescent bulbs)
    SM001-CA (Signalman Module) $69.95 ea. (for use with common-anode LEDs)
    SM001-CC (Signalman Module) $69.95 ea. (for use with common-cathode LEDs)
    SM001-BP (Signalman Module) $69.95 ea. (for use with bipolar LEDs)


    TB002-M (Magnetic Sensor) $4.95 ea.
    TB002-IR (Infrared Sensor) $2.95 ea.
    TB002-PC (Photocell Sensor) $3.95 ea.
    TB002-CD (Dual Current Detection Sensor) $19.95 ea.
    TB002-3R (Dual 3-Rail Sensor) $11.95 ea.
    TB002-DCC (Dual DCC Sensor) $19.95 ea.
    TB018A (RFID Tag - Small) $6.95 ea.
    TB018B (RFID Tag - Medium) $5.95 ea.
    TB018C (RFID Tag - Large) $4.95 ea.


    TB003-A (CTI Module Power Supply: 9 Volts DC @ 0.2 Amps) $7.95 ea.
    TB003-B (CTI Module Power Supply: 9 Volts DC @ 1.0 Amps) $15.95 ea.
    TB003-C (Switch Machine Power Supply: 12 Volts DC & 1.5 Amps) $19.95 ea.
    TB004-06 (Network Cable 6') $3.75 ea.
    TB004-12 (Network Cable 12') $4.50 ea.
    TB004-24 (Network Cable 24') $5.75 ea.
    TB005 (Switch Machine Diodes) $2.50 (per pack of 16)
    TB006 (Switch Machine Capacitors) $9.95 (per pack of 8)
    TB007 (Auxiliary SPDT Relay Module) $7.50
    DPLX (Network Diplexer) $7.50
    CPIA (COM Port Interface Adapter) $4.50


    SW001 (for Windows 7/8/10) $49.95 each

Starter Kit:

    SK001-COM (Starter Kit for COM port) $99.00 each
    SK001-USB (Starter Kit for USB) $125.00 each

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