CTI and DCC - The Perfect Combination   

CTI’s powerful TBrain model railroad operating system provides direct, fully integrated support for National Model Railroad Association standard Digital Command Control (DCC)

The integration of DCC with CTI’s family of powerful control and sensing modules make it easy to automate the operation of a DCC-based layout. Many tricky control operations, that were simply impossible to perform with DCC alone, are now a breeze. DCC-operated trains can now respond prototypically to trackside signals, make station stops, run according to regularly scheduled timetables, and much more, all under the full control of your PC - and CTI of course !!!

One of the traditional drawbacks of DCC is that it has no sensing capability. Thus, automated operation simply isn't possible. That problem is finally solved by CTI's control software. Your command control hardware and the CTI system can now be joined, working in tandem as a seamless, integrated system. Your command control system can respond automatically to CTI's sensors, and work in partnership with CTI's affordable control modules. Command control owners can use their DCC system to do what it does best - run trains, while using CTI to cost-effectively control switches, signals, sound, etc. - the entire integrated system operated automatically by CTI's powerful control software.

We've worked closely with the major DCC manufacturers to integrate support for their command control hardware into our TBrain control software.

Our current DCC-ready software supports:

  • the PowerHouse Pro and PowerCab series from North Coast Engineering,
  • the System One from Wangrow Electronics,
  • the DCS-100 and Zephyr from Digi-Trax,
  • the Easy-DCC system from CVP,
  • the XpressNet-based command stations from Lenz,
  • the V2 X-Bus based command stations from Lenz,
  • the Master command station from Atlas,
  • the TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC) system from Lionel,
  • the Marklin Digital system from Marklin.
Each of these systems is well-suited to use in a PC-controlled operating environment. Collectively, they provide our users with a wide range of choices in price and performance. (And we’ll be expanding to support other DCC manufacturers in the coming months.)

CTI and DCC - the Perfect Combination.

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