If you have an item in need of repair, please complete and submit the online repair form prior to shipping your item. Then return the item to:

        CTI Electronics - Repairs
        PO Box 9535
        Baltimore, MD 21237

We'll repair or replace your item and return it to you as quickly as possible.

Items still covered by their original 24-month warranty will be repaired at no charge. Items no longer under warrantee will incur a repair cost of not more than $5 plus return shipping cost.

Technical Support:

At CTI, we take pride in the technical support we offer our customers. Rest assured you're never alone once you've purchased CTI.

Should you have a question at any time, don't hesitate to turn to us for help. Technical support is available by E-Mail at Having your railroad files in front of us to look at and try out on our system is a great help in figuring out a problem. Give as thorough an explanation as possible, and attach a copy of your railroad files if appropriate (your railorad consists of 3 files, with .tcl, .tbg, and .dcc extensions). We'll check things out and E-Mail you back an answer, including updated TCL code if necessary.

Also, don't hesitate to turn to our online User's Group for help or advice. Many "veteran" users have likely already tackled the same model railroad control situations you're now facing. We never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity exhibited by our users, and by their willingness to help one other. The CTI User's Group is sponsored by, and it's absolutely free. Click here for info on how to join.

             PO Box 9535  Baltimore, MD 21237

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